Prepaid Wallet License in India

Prepaid Wallet License in India

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The term PPIs or Prepaid Payment Instruments implies the Instruments that store high financial worth in them, and one can buy labor and products by moving the sum put away. The financial worth put away in the Prepaid Payment Instruments is the sum that the holder quite to pay, either as money, Visa, or by charge to the ledger. To begin a PPI, one has to acquire Prepaid Wallet License from RBI. The equivalent is otherwise called Payment Wallet License.

The different types of Payment Wallet License are as per the following:

  • Closed system payment instruments;

  • Semi-Closed system payment instruments;

  • Semi-Open system payment instruments;

  • Open system payment instruments;

  • Mobile Prepaid Instruments;

Advantages of Prepaid Wallet License

  • It is perhaps the most Convenient and Safe approach to making Monetary Transaction;

  • Installment Wallet Instruments are Time Saving in nature as through them one can make the installment of power bills, portable charges, phone bills from anyplace and whenever;

  • Gives Ease of making an exchange from any spot;

  • Works with Transparency and Accountability to the client of E-wallet;

  • This application requires no additional expense or enactment charges;

  • Offers Reward, Cashbacks, and Incentives to its clients;

Requirements of Wallet License

Schedule Banks And NBFCs

It will be noticed that no base capital prerequisite has been determined by the RBI for Schedule Banks or NBFCs, who need to acquire prepaid wallet permits.

Nonetheless, before the issuance of the permit, every one of the prepaid instruments needs to procure endorsement also from the Reserve Bank of India.

Capital Requirement

All non-bank elements looking for authorization from RBI under the PSS Act will have a base positive total assets of Rs. 5 crore.

From that point, before the finish of the third monetary year from the date of getting the last authorization, the element will accomplish a base positive total assets of Rs. 15 crores which will be kept up with consistently.

The Net worth of the Company Shall Comprise of the Following Items:

Settled up Equity Capital;

Free Reserves;

Inclination Shares;

Capital Reserves addressing Surplus;

Share Premium Account;

All the Banks and NBFCs expect to acquire earlier endorsement and assent from the Supervisory Department of the RBI and NBFCs;

Any current business substance that has consented to give the prepaid instrument and has obtained the permit from the peak bank too founded on the past capital prerequisites expect to expand how much total assets. A similar will be done in view of rules at the latest 30.09.2020;

Companies need to compulsorily have enlistment under the arrangements of the Companies Act 2013, before procuring of permit from RBI.

The article proviso of the MOA (Memorandum of Association) should permit the organization to attempt the activities of the guarantor of installment wallet instruments;

Process for Obtaining Prepaid Wallet License

Making an Application in Form A for endorsement according to under Regulation 3(2) of the Payment and Settlement System Regulations, 2008, with the recommended government charge and every one of the reports and subtleties to the Reserve Bank of India to get the PPI License.


The RBI will start the Screening system to guarantee at first sight the qualification of the candidates.


RBI will likewise apply checks, between Alia, on specific fundamental viewpoints like client care and proficiency, specialized and other related prerequisites, wellbeing, and security angles.


After the RBI is fulfilled with respect to the Applicant's qualification standards in the wake of actually looking at its fit and legitimate status, it gives an 'on a basic level endorsement. The legitimacy of the given in-head endorsement will be a half year from the date of allowing such endorsement.


The Company needs to present an acceptable Audit Report to RBI, in six months or less. The organization needs to present the System Audit Report (SAR), any other way, the in-head endorsement will pass naturally. The Company can get a one-time augmentation of a half year by making an allure recorded as a hard copy ahead of time with every one of the substantial reasons.


In the wake of thinking about every one of the points of interest outfitted by elements, the Company will be conceded the last endorsement. The organization needs to start a business in something like a half year from the award of Certificate of Authorization.

Reports Required for getting Prepaid Wallet License

  • Candidate's Name;

  • Address Proof of the Registered Office;

  • Endorsement of Incorporation (COI);

  • Objects of the Company;

  • Data concerning Management;

  • Insights about the Statutory Auditors;

  • Reviewed Balance Sheet;

  • Bankers Name

  • Bankers Address

The legitimacy of Prepaid Wallet License
  • All PPIs given in the nation will have a base legitimacy time of 1 year from the date of last stacking/reloading in the PPI. PPI backers are allowed to give PPIs a more drawn-out legitimacy.

  • In the event that the PPI is given as a card (with legitimacy period referenced on the card), then the client will have the choice to look for substitution of the card.

  • The exceptional equilibriums in any installment instrument will not be ended promptly at the termination, of the instrument. The worth might be drained at the pace of 10% of the extraordinary worth each month. The holders may likewise be enough forewarned ahead of time as respects the expiry of the legitimacy of the installment instrument.

Additional Approvals
Assuming a non-banking monetary organization has been given the Certificate of Authorization (COA) for giving PPIs (Prepaid Payment Instruments, then, all things considered, it will be expected to take the earlier composed endorsement of the Apex Bank in the conditions as follows:

  • In the event that there has been any obtaining of control and shareholding of the element or an organization takeover, regardless of whether the equivalent has a consequence in the difference in administration;

If on the off chance that there is a need to change the administration of the substance, then, all things considered, the consequence of a similar won't be more than the 30% change in the heads of the element, selective of the Independent Directors. Nonetheless, it will be noticed that there is compelling reason need to have any earlier endorsement of the RBI for those chiefs who have been reappointed based on retirement by a pivot.

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