Public Limited Company Registration Online in India

Public Limited Company Registration Online in India

Unlike private limited company shares of a public limited company can be sold and shared in public commonly. In the stock exchange, a public limited company can either be listed or unlisted. A public limited company just like private limited companies needs to put ‘public limited company’ at the end of their name. They can use any form in which they want to write a public limited company. A public limited company can also be held by another public limited company privately. Public Limited Company Registration India is very easy and can be done in a few steps. 

Public Limited Company Registration Online in India
Here are some key features of public limited companies.
?    Business credibility: Information of a public limited company is made available to the general public such as company status, date of establishment, registered office address, etc. it is made available on the searchable data of MCA which increases the credibility of the business in consumers.   
?    Easy exit: Public limited company shareholders can easily sell or transfer their shares anytime they like while the business is in the run. This makes the PLC an easy exit.
?    Separate legal bodies: A PLC is a separate body from its partners. PLC will be given a unique registration number on the incorporation which will remain the same as long as the company lives. Even if the company changes its name number will remain the same.   
Here is a list of some benefits which you will have after registering as a private limited company.
?    Fewer liabilities: Liabilities of a shareholder in public limited companies are very limited. Shareholders will not be responsible for any debit or loss of company if it is more in amount than they invested. 
?    Attracts more funds: As the company data is available easily it attracts more customers and more funds.
?    Globalization of the business: In public limited companies foreigners can invest directly in the organization without any legal restrictions.

Online Public Limited Company Registration procedure
?    First, interested individuals need to apply for DSC.
?    After that company’s name needs to get approval. It can be done either by application form SPICe 32 or by a web service RUN provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 
?    Consent and affidavit of the director and bill of the registered office address need to be submitted.
?    After that, all the documents need to be attached to SPICe-MoA, SPICe Form and SPICe-AOA with the DSE of directors and professional’s signature. 
?    After all the formalities RoC will issue the certificate of Incorporation. 

Documents needed to through the Process of  Public Limited Company Registration in India
?    PAN Card of all directors along with their passport size photograph. 
?    Email Id and contact number of all directors and their residence proof.
?    Residence proof of the registered office address. 
?    In case if there are any foreign nationals they need to submit their Passport and VISA


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