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RUCO initiative by FSSAI

 RUCO  initiative by FSSAI

 FSSAI introduced RUCO initiative to collect; convert used cooking oil into biofuel

RUCO  initiative by FSSAI

Introduction about RUCO 

RUCO is the new initiative by FSSAI towards utilization of Resources; it is an ecosystem that will help the collection and conversion of UCO to biodiesel, now let’s understand what UCO is? It is the consumption of Used cooking Oil (UCO) which has adverse effect on health at the time of frying lots of properties of oil are changed that is TPC (Total polar Compounds) are generated by repeated is very toxic compound which may causes several diseases like hypertension, Heart disease, Liver disease, Alzheimer's disease, Hence it is essential to Examine the quality of Vegetable oils while frying.

From 1st July 2018 onwards all food business Operators (FBOs) are need to check the quality of oil while frying by complying with the FSSAI Regulations. In respect of safety of consumer FSSAI has fix the limit for TPC at 25% beyond which Vegetable oil not be used. And FBO Monitor over this guidelines. That’s How RUCO initiative is started to protect health of consumers.

Importance of Initiative

Biodiesel produced from used cooking oil is very small so this initiative take place to increases conversion and collection of biodiesel According to survey FSSAI believes that India has capacity to form 220 Cr Liter can be used for the production of Biodiesel by everyone’s coordinated action till 2022.India has the capacity to recover 220 crore litres of used cooking oil for the production of biodiesel by 2022 through a co-ordinated action. India will soon reach the high scale.

Need for Regulation

Presently, the used cooking oil is disposed in such way that it chokes sewage system. Besides setting quality standards by FSSAI it is consider as most effective way for production of biodiesel. So the FSSAI is planning to collect used oil in small quantities either through cost or at barter arrangement from food business operators.It has already started collecting used oil in small quantities either through a barter arrangement or at cost.


  • Limit for Total Polar Compounds (TPC) at 25% is fixed by FSSAI after which the vegetable oil not be used.
  • FSSAI has introduce method to check TPC (Total Polar Compounds) in Edible Oils.
  • For Rapid checking of TPC a Small handheld tool made Like Testo, is also available  to monitor availability of TPCs in oil.

Hence this Ecosystem RUCO (Repurpose Used Cooking Oil) has been created. It is an ecosystem to enable the collection and conversion of UCO to biodiesel.

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