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RWA ( Resident Welfare Association) REGISTRATION


RWA consists of the “Resident Welfare Association” termed as a body or entity that represents the interest of people who are living in a community or a society. RWA is an association that is managing day to day problems/ issues of the society or residents, sorting out them, oversee facilities as well as representing members, whenever it is required. For maintaining the overall healthy life of people, it is required to have a body of elected members for the maintenance of the environment from time to time. Thus, RWA registration is required for society residents as per the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

RWA REGISTRATIONHow it is formed?

Generally, the group of members is to be elected by the society residents which are called associations. Now, once they are elected, a Memorandum of Association called constitutional documents has to be prepared which consists of rights, objectives, and functions of society as per Societies Registration Act, 1860 for RWA registration. Minimum seven members of different states are required to form themselves into a society and can subscribe to their name for MOA under the Registrar of Societies.

Who all is a member of RWA?

Any individual can be a member and is open with any of the religion, caste, color, or creed who will comply and abide by the terms and conditions of the society. Majorly, he/she should be keen to participate in social development.

Note: The requirement of registration varies from state to state. In some states, it is under the State Apartment act, AoA i.e., Apartment Owner Association is to be also formed where certain rules and regulations are to write down.

Roles and objectives of RWA

While doing RWA registration, every society should have one President, one Vice-President, one General Secretary, one Treasurer, and a minimum of seven Executive members.

President Roles

  1. Any disputes, if arise; President is responsible to resolve or defend all legal disputes against the RWA and can sue by people for legal reasons.
  2. While purchasing or approving any committee contract, the President should have the final call towards approval and implementation.
  3. He should be well aware of all the events and activities, occasions that come up in society and ensure that people are following them.
  4. He should also oversee all the expenses and payment parts whether they are used for resident well-being/ development or not.
  5. Generally, in small societies roles of the President are limited to cleanliness, maintaining roads, water, electricity, street lights, a drainage system, and so on. But in bigger societies, President's role extends to opening up complexes, providing health care facilities, bus services, banking, and so on.
  6. President presides all monthly meetings.

Vice-President Roles

  1. It acts as presiding officer during the absence of the president.
  2. He also performs all the other duties prescribed by the Board Of directors.
  3. Vice-President assists the President of Society in his/her works.

General Secretary Roles

  1. Secretary has the power to carry out general body meetings, whenever it is required or call upon.
  2. He should prepare and compile the minutes of the meetings held, analyze the agenda or matter, and accordingly contribute actively.
  3. He should also take care of the problems of the society residents and keeping in mind those problems, providing resolutions from time to time with a discussion of the elected members.
  4. It acts as custodian of the records in terms of attendance and properties of the society.

Treasurer Roles

  1. He is responsible for maintaining and collecting the funds and documents in the association or society.
  2. He also acts as in-charge of maintaining the overall income and expenditure part whether monthly or annually.
  3. He should also have well management skills.

Executive Member Roles

  1. The Executive member is bound to inform the society in writing if he/she is not able to attend any particular meeting of the society.
  2. The executive member will be terminated if he/she has not attended three consecutive meetings of the body.
  3. They will assist in the day to day work of the society as directed by the President and General Secretary.

Documents required

  1. Details of General Body members i.e., name, address, occupation, signature
  2. Address proof of General Body members (Voter id/ Aadhar card)
  3. Address proof of society address (Electricity bill and Rent agreement with NOC, if rented)
  4. Pan card of all General Body members
  5. Memorandum and Bye-laws i.e., Proceedings of General Body
  6. Affidavit from President
  7. Power of attorney
  8. Builder consent, if it is for Apartment owner association
  9. Mobile number and email id of all General Body members


With a few clicks, interested individuals can get RWA registration through online mode without any struggle in lines and long queues. Just fill up a form with proper asked information and submit with fees to the Registrar.

  1. Sign-up with the details on the Society Registration website wherein a username and password will be generated.
  2. Prepare and draft the documents i.e., Moa consists name, address, objectives and in Bye-laws consists of rules and regulations, Affidavit, Power of attorney as per State Society Registration Act.
  3. After the finalization of MOA and other documents, log in to the website and fill in the details accordingly step by step.
  4. Upload necessary documents, wherever required and all other details asked therein.
  5. In a few states, payment is online, and in some states, it is offline and needs to visit the Registrar's office.
  6. Now, make the payment online and the challan will be generated.
  7. Last but not the least, once the memorandum and by-laws approved by the Registrar, the Registration Certificate will be allotted.

Time Period  

So, this entire and whole procedure from preparing the documents to the approval of application along with payment takes 25 to 90 days in a normal course of time.


For every housing society, RWA registration is mandatory. RWA registration is very important for society especially for the development of residents and their well-being. Therefore, members being elected for society registration purposes should be knowledgeable and wide experience in the area and accordingly, manage their responsibilities assigned to each of them. To simplify the procedure in minimal time, NeuSource with their professional experts and their services brings you an opportunity to come and complete your registration process soon.

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