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Simple Approach of Obtaining Food License

Simple Approach of Obtaining Food License

A simple approach to obtain a food license


FSSAI defines to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India which basically monitors and governs the food business in India. It is a Government Approved License and the buyer must know whether any entity dealing directly and indirectly with food is permitted to do likewise.

Importance of Food license

  • End-user alertness

Nowadays consumer becomes more vigilant about their rights and they know what products are qualitative in nature.

  • Branded products

It will furnish your clients with certain confidence seeing that your brand or business is FSSAI registered, and it will make it simpler for them to confide in your business with the sentiment of goodwill.

  • Business Expansion

FSSAI issues permit to just that business which has a minimum hygienic standard. So if you have a food permit you can show it on the menu-cards, leaflets, packing bags etc.

  • Standardisation of product

Through this license, food items itself uncovers quality checks in this way controlling the food contamination and supply of unsatisfactory products.

Realism incept towards filing

The applicant required filing an application to the authority for the license whether it is central or state. Here the vast majority of the mediators other than professionals think to earn by way of commission during the distribution of permit. Our motive to curb out the agency level so that cost of the license can be reduced to the government and professional only.

Our process to file the application

Here Neusource encourages you to apply for the permit legitimately to the division with the assistance of gathering of experts who works in a regular schedule towards this procedure. Before applying the certificate, remember certain points as below mentioned that are required on an exact basis from the applicant.

  • Name of firm
  • Business details
  • Turnover exact
  • Complete documents of incorporation
  • No forgery of documents must be there
  • Financials of business

In the wake of following the complete method with data, the department directly issues the certificate at the Fssai portal. An applicant needs to track the status by way of application number on a daily basis.

No agency concept is there, only professionals are sufficient to apply for the license on your behalf. Further gave that in the event that any visit required by the candidate in the event of some basic circumstances at that point candidate needs to visit. If he is not able to visit then we can do as such by organizing one operator.

Points required to remember before application

  • Complete documents and exact correct information required.
  • Procedures and provisions must be followed thoroughly.
  • Read the guidelines first before applying to the food license.
  • Documents must be clearly scanned and self-affirmed by the applicant.
  • Tenure of both licenses (Central or State) will be a maximum of 5 years and a minimum of 1 year.
  • Food license depends upon the size and nature of the business.


Without involvement of any mediator or agent, FSSAI license or registration for any sort of business can be effortlessly obtained by following significant measures and methods, documents and fees to maintain the quality of the food products. All this will be available in above details via blog for your better understanding. No compelling reason to pay additional charges just to get the food permit. In some of the situation it is required where business details are overwhelming or unique in nature just like manufacturing or packaging, processing etc.

For more information contact us on given communication details, Email Id and Phone Number 9540026175.

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15 May

Heena Aggarwal
Heena Aggarwal

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