This solution provider challenge has come up with a motive to participate and submit solutions that help the community.

Deadline date: Before Wednesday, 15th April

As the world is at this point eyeing at a disastrous healthcare challenge caused by the pandemic Covid-19, DPIIT with Startup India is seeking for innovative technologies and solutions for precautionary still as treatment-related interventions.

Framing a one stop repository of innovative solutions to be set by the government and therefore the private sector for further development and deployment.

Eligibility criteria

In the current situation to fight COVID 19 outbreak, this experiment is open to all startups, companies, innovators, etc. who after moving forward innovate the ideas to fill the gap between the demand and supply of needed medical items as well as technologies for instance motion tacking, geofencing, fake news detection, etc.

Who is consistent stakeholder- Scaling Stage Startup, Early Traction Startup, Ideation Stage Startup, Validation Stage Startup.

Who is consistent industry- Marketing, AI, Design, Advertising, Social Network, IT services and many more.

Some of the themes to take challenges

1. Med- Tech

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Internet of Things

4. Machine Learning

Ideas to recover from the problems

1.  Personnel protective equipment

One of the major problems is people who wear cheap cost masks invite to capture the virus from the air as well as absorb respiratory vaporizer

2.  Testing equipment

An advantageous thermal scanning devices and rapid diagnostic kits having paper-based and other point-of-care devices)

3. Critical care equipment

Equipments i.e., handy oxygenators and home base ventilators which monitor and control the spread of the new corona virus

4. Large area sanitization and sterilization

With electrostatic spray and ultra violet cure of numerous open surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, textile; sanitization can be done throughout the country

5. Ai-based technology for contact less entry

Implementation of facial recognition tools increases a social distancing of all officials and doctors

6. Movement tracking

Mobile apps introduction these days spot the virus and track when people move around in quarantine areas

7. Geofencing

A service based on location support the officials in monitoring those who are under compulsory home quarantine

8. Crowd management

Solution provided i.e., aerial vehicle, a means of transportation in terms of drones armed is used with heat sensing cameras

9. Fake news detection

People who mislead through social media forwarded messages becomes difficult to believe the originality so fake news detection tool is introduced

10. Logistics

Transportation in terms of medicines to provide should be avoided for all citizens to maintain social distancing

Non-fiscal incentives

Startup raises the value of those who provide topmost solutions and straightway:

1. Publish solutions on the Board i.e., Invest India Business Immunity, a communal and two sided resource for the business community and other stakeholders to access all required information about the COVID 19 pandemic

2. Make a reference to the government and private stakeholders for further funding and deployment

Procedure to apply

1. Create sole repository innovation solutions

2. Top solutions among all will be look out by the stakeholders (given above in 10 points)

Deadline date

Start date: March 24th, 2020

Valid till: April 15th, 2020

Result date: April 17th, 2020


Introducing the solutions provided on innovative technologies and tools, Startup India move with a mind set to war against the COVID 19 pandemic and bring those abilities and skills in front of stakeholders in terms of  providing top solutions which is being rewarded in the form of publishing the same and help the community for the social welfare.

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09 Apr

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