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Trademark Registration and Benefits

Trademark Registration and Benefits

Why Your Business Needs Trademark Registration

Benefits of Trademark Registration

In today’s business scenario safeguarding brand is at most priority which can be done through brand registration. The department of intellectual property rights deals with the brand registration as well as providing the owner of brand with the legal rights to safeguard the goodwill or brand value in the market.

The need for a registered trademark arises if one is operating business in more than one state. Even if the business is carried out in one state then it is always advisable to get the brand registered. Further brand registration allows the owner to enjoy the right of usage of brand only by him and not anyone else.

Now a days, the registration of trademark is also required if the seller of goods sells its products online. For example, if any person wants to sell its brand product through Amazon, then Amazon demands for the registration details for such brand and generates a brand registry code. After such brand registry the brand owner can sell its brand products online through Amazon.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

The Registration of Trademark provides several benefits:

1. A registered trademark can be used as a good communicator of business’s brand. The usage of specific words, symbols or designs enables you to create a unique message regarding the business. This enables the customers to associate such words, symbols or designs with your company or business only.

2. The value of trademarks appreciates with time. The more your business expands in size the bigger an asset becomes your trademark. If at any point of time in future course of action the decision for selling of business is made the overall worth of the company is increased by the registered trademark.

3. There are huge brands in the market place and it is difficult for any business to distinguish its business from its competitors. A registered trademark/brand can act as an effective commercial tool of communication to drag the customer attention and also makes the business goods and services to stand out. Brand act as a crucial factor in consumer’s purchasing decision.

4. Every person’s dream is to work with the registered and well-known brand. Brands generally tend to generate positivity in the minds of the people and thus employment opportunities are likely to be more attractive for the candidates.

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Shivani Gupta

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