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Women Entrepreneurship in India

Women Entrepreneurship in India

Women Entrepreneurship in India

Women entrepreneurship is a growing trend in India, and women are making their mark in the world of business. India has seen a significant increase in the number of women entrepreneurs over the last decade. According to a report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), women entrepreneurs account for 14% of all early-stage entrepreneurs in India. In this blog, we will look at the state of women entrepreneurship in India, the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, and the measures taken by the government and various organizations to encourage and support women entrepreneurs.


The State of Women Entrepreneurship in India

Women entrepreneurship in India is on the rise, and women are contributing significantly to the country's economic growth. According to a report by the World Bank, India is one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of the number of women entrepreneurs. The report also highlights that women entrepreneurs in India are more likely to start businesses in the service sector than men.

Women entrepreneurs in India are also making significant strides in the technology sector. A report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) highlights that women account for 30% of the workforce in the Indian IT industry. Women entrepreneurs are also creating innovative solutions in the field of health care, education, and agriculture.


Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women entrepreneurs in India have made progress, but they still have a number of obstacles to overcome. Lack of capital is one of the major problems that women business owners must deal with. Due to the fact that they are frequently seen as high-risk investments, female business owners find it difficult to obtain finance for their enterprises. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) reported that there is a $8.3 billion funding deficit for women-owned enterprises in India.

Lack of assistance and guidance is another problem that Indian women business owners must deal with. Women business owners frequently may not have access to mentors or networks that could aid them in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. Moreover, discrimination and bias are faced by female business owners, which can make it challenging for women to succeed in the corporate environment.


Steps Taken by the Government and Organizations

The Indian government and several organizations have taken steps to encourage and support women entrepreneurs in India. The government has launched several schemes and programs to provide financial assistance to women entrepreneurs, such as the Annapurna Scheme, Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme, and the Stree Shakti Package for Women Entrepreneurs. The government has also set up a dedicated fund for women entrepreneurs, the Bharatiya Mahila Bank, which provides financial assistance and support to women entrepreneurs.

Several organizations have also taken steps to support women entrepreneurs in India. The National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) has launched a program called Women Entrepreneurship Cell, which provides training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to women entrepreneurs. The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is another organization that provides mentorship and training to women entrepreneurs in India.



Indian women are starting more businesses than ever before, and they are significantly boosting the economy of the nation. Yet, there are many obstacles for female business owners in India, including a lack of capital, support, and mentorship. Although the government and a number of organisations have taken initiatives to support and encourage female entrepreneurs, much work remains. It is critical to keep fostering an atmosphere that supports women entrepreneurs in India and their initiatives to foster innovation and generate employment.

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Santosh Dantani

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