The work-from-home opportunity just got a major push from the current worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

But even before COVID-19 turned into a factor, increasing numbers of individuals have been saying goodbye to their difficult drive to work. Thanks to ever-evolving technologies like Skype, Facetime, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, authenticator apps, and cloud computing—not to mention texting and email—it's no longer necessary to be in an office full-time to be a productive member of the team. In fact, numerous works can be done just as effectively, if not more so, from a home office.

As appealing as remote work is to employees, it wouldn’t be such a strong trend if employers didn’t also recognize benefits from their side of the desk.

In this pandemic situation, everyone wants that they will work safely and earn their living, which is correct in all manners because everyone wants to live longer, safely and wants their needs to be satisfied, by keeping that view in mind almost every company throughout the nation started a work from the home beneficiary for their employees who are working hard even in his situation.

Here Neusource is giving you an opportunity to work from home with Neusource itself by just registering yourself on their portal and taking an online recruitment test.

Now, one question which arises almost in everyone’s head is what will be the process of selection for a job that is under work from home environment?

So, here it is the answer to that question, the process of selection under work from the home environment will be dependent upon the online recruitment test which has to be taken by Neusource itself on a pre-defined date.

Answering questions which are asked in the online test will be totally objective type questions and based on Neusource website content. So don’t forget to check our website.

After that top 100 scorers will be finalized from the different cities. For understanding the working environment and work which has to be completed by your end an online training session is organized for 15 days for those candidates who are selected after scoring good in the online tests.   

For selected and finalized candidates, who will continue to work from home via showing their ability and knowledge to work from home efficiently and effectively and to those who will complete their online training, Neusource will provide them an Offer Letter.

Now, what will be the eligibility criteria for a candidate who wants to apply for that post? So, as we all know that we are hiring for Business Development Profile (work from home), so obviously the eligibility criteria will be as basic as a person needs, so have a look on the following points: 

1) A candidate must have a smartphone and a computer or a laptop at their home. 

2) A candidate must have a good internet connection at their home. 

3) A candidate must have excellent communication skills.

4) The age limit for a candidate must be between 21-35 years.  

And one more thing which is very important for a and a candidate must know is that there is no commission, no fee, no training expenses, etc. is required from your end throughout the selection process.

For candidates’ reference, Neusource has uploaded a sample recruitment test paper on their work from the home portal, so that candidates can relate which type of questions are going to ask in the final test.

There is also an option for direct final test just below the Sample test paper so you can directly use that option for taking your exam.

Through this online test, we can hire the best talent to work with, no matter where you are based. Technology and the internet make it easier to hunt, review, and hire the best candidate.

What you have to do for Registration?

The first thing you need to do is register yourself on Neusource Work From Home Portal.

Registration Process:

1)     Enter your First Name & Last Name

2)     Fill up your mail Id

3)     Enter your contact number

4)     Enter your password & confirm it once.

5)     Click on “Submit”

Now, after registering you will receive SMS on your registered mobile number “Dear Applicant Name, We have sent you an email regarding your application for work from home vacancy to Resource. It covers all the details to the way forward. if you have not received, please check your spam folder to get the email or recreate your Id on and the applicant has to log in to that portal once, it shows some guidelines and procedures. For login you just need to enter your Registered mail id and password which you have used at the time of registering yourself on their portal.

After that, you have to click on “Submit”. Then it will display the following instructions which you are advised to read thoroughly and carefully before proceeding to the online test:

1)     Preparation for the test - Our website is the syllabus for your online recruitment test. The entire question paper will be based on our website. So Candidates are advised to go through our website thoroughly at You can read about our products on the given website and watch our videos to know more about us on our YouTube channel.

2)     Once you start the link for question paper, it cannot be stopped until the exam is over. However, if you face any technical issues while taking the test you may resume remaining question with the remaining time and further exam can be started again once you resolved your technical problem. If you still face any issue while taking the test then you can put your request for rescheduling your exam on another day. For this you may mail us on or create Ticket from your portal. In this scenario, we will be providing you another date of test for your next attempt (This option can be exercised only once).

3) If the result of your online test falls in our criteria you may proceed for 15 days training from the same portal and upload handwritten notes for each training video. There will be 60 videos in total and you have to cover 4 videos daily.

4) An offer letter will be provided only after the successful completion of the training.

5) To Give online test you have to signed up at and your user Id: and Password: xxxxxxx

Selected Candidates will be required to submit their documents & Bank details on the portal under the profile section for initiation of the training procedure details of which will be provided later on your WFH portal.

In this online test, the recruiter may ask you some questions which are based on Neusource’s website content, so it's better for you to take a moment and have a look on Neusource website.

Applicants can also contact Neusource through email for their queries & doubts on or they may create a Ticket from Neusource work from home (WFH) portal.

This will be a full-time job, as Neusource does not allow applicants professional engagement in any other work simultaneously.

Before joining, applicants have to sign the non-disclosure agreement and employee terms & conditions policy with Neusource on a stamp paper which will be uploaded in PDF format on our WFH portal in your profile section.

For candidates’ reference, Neusource has uploaded a sample recruitment test paper on their WFH portal, Final test paper will be uploaded on or before the pre-determined date.

Candidates are required to duly complete their basic details in the profile section on the Neusource WFH portal before starting the exam.

Also, they do not mark your scoring negatively and candidates have to answer all questions because all questions are mandatory.

25 May

Shruti Sharma

“An idea can change your life”: Well it’s true! I am glad that India is rising its way towards startup culture. It has literally pushed people to at least give it a try and not just live in a bubble. Being an entrepreneur you need a team and Neusource is there to help you and to raise your startup.

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