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Quick and Easy Process of Food License certification & Registration in India

How to get FSSAI certificate in India or Food License Registration Online

how to get a food license

FSSAI refers to the Food safety and standards authority of India. This is an authority that has been incorporated under the 2006 Food safety and standards act of India by the central government. It handles all the issues related to food in various departments and ministries. The basic aim behind the creation of FSSAI is to lay down the standards of science for food and to regulate the complete process of food including manufacturing, storage, sale, distribution, and import, and make sure that the food available is completely safe for consumption of living beings.

Food License Registration Online

Is it mandatory for a company to get registered in FSSAI

The food business operator or vendor who deals in food whether small level or big has to compulsorily take the license. If a vendor works on a small level and their turnover is up to 12 lakhs, then they need to have basic registration done. If turnover is between 12 lakhs to 20 crores, then they need to have a state license. If turnover is more than 20 crores, then the central license is required.

Benefits of getting the FSSAI license

A food license issued by the FSSAI is considered as the final permit required for operating any kind of food-related business and it ensures good quality food available in the business. It comes as the strongest tool to boost your business sales. Let’s take a look at some of the major factors of getting an FSSAI license for your business:

  • Consumer awareness

In today’s advanced world, consumers are more alert about the food quality that they are going to consume. With so many diet plans all around and an increase in healthy foods, people should know that whatever they eat is not just safe and sound for them but also is of premium quality. Thus, the FSSAI license gives them assurance and the business owner can gain the trust thus in return increase in the customers in the shops. Automatically, your business will get branding and promotion.

  • Legal advantage

Since it is compulsory to have the FSSAI license before you can operate in any food business, it is safe legally to have it done. There are a lot of consultancies available in the country to get the license easily and the cost is much lesser than what you will have to pay as a penalty in the absence of the FSSAI license.

  • FSSAI logo usage

If you have the FSSAI logo with you, you can use it in the menu cards or maybe on the advertisement boards and the pamphlets to publicize the best quality of your food. Logo proves the validity and quality assurance thus you get an edge over other food operators who do not have the FSSAI license. This is turn will grow your reputation in the market.

FSSAI Registration

As discussed above, there are three types of FSSAI registration:

  • If turnover is limited to 12 lakhs, normal FSSAI registration will work out.
  • If turnover is between 12 lakhs to 20 crores, a state license is mandatory.
  • For turnover above 20 crores, a central license is compulsory.

If you have your business in more than one state then the central license is required. It signifies that with a central license, you can work anywhere in the country.

Documents required for FSSAI registration online in India

Based on the business type, the documents required for FSSAI registration differ. Some of the main documents that are mandatory for all food type business are as follows:

  • Blueprint of the area where you are working
  • Certificate of verification for the turnover by the CA, CS, etc.
  • KYC document including Aadhar card and Pan card etc.
  • Address proof of the area you are working, for example, the electricity bill
  • In case the work area is rented, NOC is required from the owner of the property.
  • Declaration stating that all details and documents submitted are valid
  • FSMA certificate describing what all work you are doing. You need to show whether you are a retailer, supplier, or marketer, etc.
  • In the case of state or central license, you need to give a Memorandum of association, company’s article, and certificate of incorporation.

Compliances in FSSAI registration

  • If you are a merchant or exporter, there will be quarterly return filed online through the official site of FSSAI
  • If you are in milk or dairy products related business, a half-yearly return is filed manually through form B2
  • If you are an importer, then yearly returns are filed manually through form B1.

If you facing any sort of issues related to FSSAI license or other issues, you can go to the online FSSAI portal. You can register your grievances. You can call on the toll-free number or register your complaints through Facebook, Whatsapp, and email, etc.

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