UDIN Registration, Verification, Requirement - Unique Document Identification Number

UDIN Registration, Verification, Requirement - Unique Document Identification NumberUDIN Registration

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), has developed a method for verifying the records Issued by a Chartered Accountant by Issuing a Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN).

It is a unique number generated on the UDIN portal for each Certificate or Documents or other such records that have been Signed/Attested by a Chartered Accountant who've registered themselves on the portal.


UDIN Verification



  1. Visit Official Website https:// udin. icai .org/
  2. Click on first-time users and enter your membership number, DOB and enrolment date and click on the button ‘Send OTP’.
  3. Enter the OTP as Received on the Mobile number and email address enlisted with ICAI and Click on 'Proceed'

Note: The UDIN portal will send system-generated login credentials on the Registered e-mail address available with ICAI.

Generate UDIN for a Document

  1. Go to the following link:https://udin. icai. org 
  2. Log in using the credentials received on the e-mail address registered with ICAI.
  3. Click on ‘Generate UDIN’.
  4. Enter the required details, for example, Membership Registration Number, Name, E-mail ID, Firm Registration Number, Firm Name, Client Reference Code/Number, Document Description, Date of Document, Keywords, and qualities and Click on 'Send OTP'
  5. You will have received an OTP on the registered e-mail address and mobile number available with ICAI. For Verification a preview of the details will be shown after entering the OTP received on Mon ile number and Email. If you want to change the Details select Back option, else click on ‘Submit’.


  • The 15-digit number generated which is used as a UDIN in the below-mentioned format
  • The Initials 6 digits would be the Membership Registration Number of the Chartered Accountant.
  • The next 6 digits would be the date of issuance of certificate or Documents in dd/mm/yy format and
  • The last 3 digits would be the serial number of the document/Certificate as generated by the UDIN portal.

X X X X X X / X X X X X X / X X X
Membership no. / d d m m y y / Sl. No.



When a UDIN is generated for a specific record, the details relating to documents or Certificates having UDIN cannot be Amend. However, there might be any necessary amendment where the report may either require certain Changes or need to be canceled. In such a circumstance, the UDIN need to be Revoked

Note that a purpose behind the revocation of UDIN should be given. Further UDIN can be searched on UDIN Portal but the same would be displayed as ‘Revoked’

UDIN helpline

For any UDIN or UDIN Portal related assistance following helpline has been provided:
PDC Department – (011) 3011 0444
You can also reach them via email at udin@icai.in

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